Company Law

COMPANY LAW in Andorra. APV advocats i economistes associats proposes a complete advice and assistance in the company’s Law field.

A business or a company developing a business or a commercial activity in Andorra can require strategic advice to carry out its business or a punctual advice to develop its activity more in accordance with Andorran Law.

APV Advocats i Economistes Associats propose a complete and individualized advice, assessment and monitoring of business and companies, both in the juridical and economical fields.At the same time, APV advocats i economistes associats intervenes in the negotiation and the drawing up of commercial agreements for private, public or family companies.

APV advocats i economistes associats also give advice and assessment to draw up and sign rental contracts of business premises and to carry out all the necessary steps to register or cancel business and companies commercial activities.

APV advocats i economistes associats also give assistance to their clients in the transfer procedure of a business or during a company’s liquidation. In case the company involved in the liquidation procedure holds credits against other companies, APV advocats i economistes associats can represent the creditor in the bankruptcy or liquidation procedure or in any other commercial litigation taken to claim for a debt or to claim for damages caused.