Penal law

Our Lawfirm has criminal Law experts whom will give you advice and will carry out a monitoring of all the penal procedure from the first assistance before the Police Department or at the moment of the judicial statement made before the guard Judge, as well as the defence in the procedure, the drawing up and presentation of criminal Lawsuits and the monitoring of all the preliminary investigation until the obtaining of the Sentence or the shelve of the procedure, including the defence during the oral trial related to an offence, a minor or major crime, setting ourselves as private prosecution, or the claim for the civil responsibility derivative of the crime and enforcement of judgements.

Assistance before the police department, during the judicial statement, preparation of formal complaints or police reports, criminal lawsuits and monitoring of all the preliminary investigation, private prosecution, defence, civil actor, civil responsibily claim and assistance in oral trials with regards to any kind of crime and offences.